The Big Swim (2023) | original libretto by Melisa Tien

for soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass,

flute, clarinet, violin, contrabass, harp, percussion, 60'

Mother to Son text by Langston Hughes (2021) 

for solo countertenor (or mezzo-soprano) and piano, 4'

I live where the Yangtze begins... (2020)

for unaccompanied SSAATTBB choir, 8'


I Dream of a World (2013)

for solo soprano and piano, 5'


Nomadic Trails (2021) 

for chamber orchestra (socially-distanced orchestra), 14'

Movement I: The Great Steppe, 6'

Movement II: Scenes at the Uralsk Fair, 8'

Wagneresque (2018) 

for large orchestra, 4'20''

Four Seasons (2016) 

for orchestra, 7'



Rhapsody (2022) 

for wind ensemble, 5'


New Horizons (2016) 

for violin, 4'

Six Miniature Pieces of Yin and Yang:

“Water,” “Fire,” “Earth,” “Air,” “Dark,” “Light” (2016) 

for two pianos, 12'

Etude for Violin and Viola (2015), 4'

Ink and Paper (Paintings at the Chinese Exhibition) (2014) 

piano solo, 5'30''




Milky Way (2019), 3'

Sand Dunes of Xinjiang (2015), 4'50''

Chamber Ensemble (3--11 musicians)

Piece for Reed, Rosin, and Mallet (2023)

for oboe, cello, percussion, 8'

Clanking, Rattling, Scratching (2021) 

for flute (doubling alto flute), clarinet (doubling bass clarinet),

violin, viola, cello, percussion, piano, 7'

Ay-Ay, Bopem (A Kazakh Lullaby Without Words) (2021)

for clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, 7'30''


Secret Labyrinth (2020) 

for guzheng, violin, viola, cello, 6'

Sands of Time (2019)

for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, 10'

Brass Quintet No. 1: Xinjiang Vibes (2019)  

for brass quintet, 6'

Piano Quintet No. 2: Reminiscences of the Motherland

thousands miles away (2018)

for piano, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, 6'

Sounds of New Eurasia (2018) 

for mixed ensemble of Kazakh, Chinese and Western instruments (11 musicians): 

dombra, kobyz, shankobyz, sybyzgy, shaman drum, castanets, rainstick, throat-singing, bangdi, sheng, pipa, yangqin, erhu, cello, 8'

String Quartet No. 3 with dance choreography (2018)

for string quartet, 6'

String Quartet No. 2 "Kazakh Steppe" (2017, rev. 2018)

for string quartet, 7'

Surrounded by Cosmic Dust… (2017) 

for clarinet, viola, cello, piano, 5'

Frost (2016)

for xiao, tenor sheng, yangqin, erhu, 2'

Dancing Shades and Echoes (2016) 

for oboe, clarinet, horn, violin, piano, 6'

Sounds of Awakening (2015) 

for piano, bangdi, tenor sheng, guzheng, erhu, 6'

Midnight Doze Fantasies (2014) 

clarinet or saxophone, cello, piano, 5'

Rhapsodic Metamorphosis (2014) 

for string quartet, 7'