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Instrumentation: violin, viola, cello, guzheng

Duration: 6'

Commissioner: Musicus Society

World Premiere: 

May 22, 2021. "Jockey Club Musicus Heritage Alive Concert", JC Cube, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong.

Brian Choi, Violin
Cherry Yeung, Viola
Trey Lee, Cello
Yeung Ching-ho, Guzheng
















































Program Note:

During the summer of 2019, I had the great pleasure of spending a three-day Artist-in-Residence at Tai Kwun and writing a piece in remembrance of that experience. One thing that had particularly left a strong impression on me during that visit was the extremely intricate network of passageways that ran throughout the site (it took me days to become familiarized with this maze).

The piece, titled Secret Labyrinth, is a musical interpretation of a daily time-lapse capturing thousands of visitors that I saw pour in and out of each individual complex at Tai Kwun. Overall, it is an expression of that unique and vivid experience of getting lost inside this massive jungle of blocks, quarters, and halls, whilst feeling like I was being let in on a secret – the secret of Hong Kong’s extraordinary colonial past.


-- Meilina Tsui


Musicus Society Call For Scores: Secret Labyrinth by Meilina Tsui
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